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Stop Text Message Spam Now!

  • Did you get a text message from unknown number?
  • Ever receive text messages advertising products and services you never wanted?
  • Do you wish you could fight back against the companies that send these messages?

Report your unsolicited text message to us!  We will conduct an investigation for no cost or obligation to you.

Our attorneys are investigating companies that send unsolicited and unwanted text messages to consumers’ cell phones and mobile devices.  Your help is crucial to stopping this harassing practice.

Unsolicited text messages, also known as “text spam,” “sms spam,” “mobile spam,” “wireless spam,” or “m spam,” refers to advertisements and promotional material sent to consumers through their cellular phones from unknown phone numbers or five digit shortcodes.  Federal law prohibits text spam and allows consumers who receive these messages to recover money.

Please submit information about the text spam that you received and get a free consultation with an attorney.  You could be entitled to compensation!

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