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Dealing With Unauthorized Telephone Charges?

  • Were you ever charged for “premium email,” “business services,” or “website services” on your telephone bill?
  • Have you wasted time trying to figure out who was placing these “mystery charges” on your phone bill?
  • Tired of getting the run-around by your telephone service provider and various companies that claim you actually authorized the charges?

If so, let us know!  Consultation is free, and we can help you fight the companies that are taking your money!

What is Cramming?

The act of placing unauthorized telephone charges on landline telephone bills is commonly referred to as “cramming.”  Cramming occurs when middlemen, called “aggregators,”  place charges for so-called “premium content services” on consumers’ landline telephone bills.

These charges originate from companies known as “third-party content providers.”  Often times, the charge is not clearly identified on the telephone bill so that consumers do not know where the charge originated, or what service the charge is associated with.

Unauthorized charges on your telephone bill for premium content violate the law, and the companies that participate in this practice should be held liable.

If you have been the victim of cramming, please let us know by filling out the forms on this web site.