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Problems with a Credit Repair Organization?

A team of class action attorneys is investigating the business practices of credit repair organizations nationwide. Some of these companies’ practices may violate state and federal laws.† If you used any of the following companies’ credit repair services, you may be entitled to recover money:

  • Sky Blue
  • DSI Solutions
  • National Credit Fixers
  • Veracity Credit Consultants
  • Ovation Credit
  • My Credit Group
  • 180 Credit Solutions
  • Apex Credit Services
  • Credit Assistance Network
  • Ecredit Attorney
  • Best Legal Credit Repair
  • My Credit Repair Fix
  • Your Credit Attorney
  • Fowler and Fowler
  • RMCN
  • Trinity Credit Services
  • National Credit Organization
  • Consumer Credit Repair Counseling
  • Consumer Credit Repair
  • Vitesse Financial
  • Aggressive Credit Repair LLC
  • Legacy Legal
  • iCredit Inc.
  • iMax Credit Repair Firm
  • Credit Repair Shield
  • Credit Innovations
  • Academy Credit
  • MSI Credit Solutions
  • Attractive Credit
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