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Does your (current or former) employer make you submit your fingerprint to punch in and out, authorize a transaction, or for any other reason?

If so, your employer may be breaking the law.

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    General Consumer Protection

    Have you shopped at All Saints?

    Have You Purchased an AMD FX “Bulldozer” Processor?

    Does Palm Beach Tan make you give them your fingerprints?

    Did you have a difficult time canceling your Rocket Lawyer membership?

    Has 24 Hour Fitness forced you into upgrading your plan? You might be owed money!

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    Technology / Internet

    Apple Refusing to Upgrade all Your Songs to iTunes Plus?

    Did you receive a text from SWARM?

    Did You Get A Text Message Promoting

    Did You Get A Text Message From Life360?

    Did You Get A Random, Unwanted Text Advertising The Marco Polo Mobile App?

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    Have you downloaded the Charlotte Hornets’ mobile app?

    Did you download the Cleveland Cavaliers’ mobile app?

    Did you download the Atlanta Hawks’ mobile app?

    Did you download the Detroit Red Wings app?

    Do You Know Who Has Collected, Stored, or Used Your Biometric Data?

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    Phone or Text Message Abuse

    Have Telemarketers Called You Selling Magazines or Newspapers, like USA Today?

    Can I Get Comcast To Stop Calling me?

    Have Express Scripts, Medco, or Accredo robocalled you about another person’s account?

    Have you received unwanted calls from Hyundai Capital?